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Maximize your health more through radio

Power Chiropractic Health Center LLC has entered the age of technology by offering multiple ways for you to get information from our team of experts. Listen and watch as we explore topics related to the overall health of your body and mind.

Podcasts are a great way to feed your mind with information about topics relative to your needs. Explore the immune system or take a closer look at trans fats. Get up close and personal with the things that make our bodies tick. Visit our podcast channel today!

•I am exercising everyday but the pounds don't seem to be coming off, what should I do?


•My son has recently been diagnosed with Autism, is there anything I can do to improve or help reverse his condition naturally?


•I'm taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication; what is the best diet to help reverse these conditions?


•A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with thyroid disease and it’s getting worse, what advice can I give her?


•How can I eat healthy when I am always on the go?


•I am struggling with severe depression and I have even considered suicide… I feel like I have no hope, can you help me?


•My mom and grandmother both had cancer. Is it totally genetic, or are there things I can do to prevent it?


•I'm currently training for a 5k.  What are the most effective diet and exercise programs to follow leading up to race day?

Maximize Your Health Radio airs LIVE on Northeastern Pennsylvania's leading talk news radio WILK 103.1 FM on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon. This one-of-a-kind interactive natural health radio show is intended to promote awareness and education for its listeners on what it takes to truly become the healthiest they can be.



Our radio spots can be heard by visiting: wilknewsradio.com 


Airs every Saturday on WILK 103.1 FM from: 11am-12pm ET. Health questions at

(570) 883-0098 or email Dr. Dan at pwrchiro@gmail.com.